Our Story

The Problem

"Since I was a teen I have always struggled to find the right products to help my skin. By the time I graduated from high school I had a face full of pimples and acne scars. I spent thousands on products from drug stores and supermarkets, and they all seemed to make my skin worse. That's when I began to research the science of our skin and what it really needs to be healthy.

The Solution

It took a very long time but I finally found the ingredients that worked for me. When I checked the ingredients of the drug store products I could immediately see what was causing my skin problems. These products contained so many chemicals and toxic ingredients that were proven to irritate skin. Brands that have products without these harmful chemicals were charging between $50-$200 per bottle.

Why We Started

I decided that the skincare industry needs a company that will go against the status quo. I wanted to make GOOD products that were affordable. I wanted to combine all of my research and put all the most useful products in one place to make them easy to access and affordable. I wanted to create a company with luxury products that don't have a luxury price tag. 

Being a man in skincare is difficult because many people think skincare is for women. I wanted to go against the status quo by being a man-led skin care company that challenges the competition by offering luxury products at a fraction of the price of other big brands. We want to show the world that anyone can have clear skin, and they don't have to break the bank to do it.  EXOS Health wants men AND women to have the chance at clear skin, and we won't stop fighting for our goal." Today EXOS Health has grown and helped hundreds of people transform their skin. EXOS Health has changed lives and we hope to change many more.

-EXOS Health founder, Jonathan Tunstall