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  • Free 2-Day Shipping on orders over $35 (U.S. only)

Our Story


The Problem

As a teenager I struggled with acne and breakouts. Even as a young adult I still had problems with acne. Every month I would try new products that promised to fix it and every month I would have the same problem. It seemed like as soon as my skin started to clear up, another massive breakout would happen. I was tired of buying new products that didn't work. I was tired of hoping that I wouldn't wake up with new pimples right before important events. I was tired of feeling powerless to my skin.
    The Solution
    I sat down and researched everything there is to know about skin. I researched how it works and what kind of ingredients it needs as well as what harms it. Our skin loves natural products and hates chemicals. Perfumes may smell good but your skin hates them. After a long search I finally found some products that worked. 
      Why We Started
      I realized that I had the perfect lineup of natural skin care products to create the perfect routine but I wanted to make it easier to find. I created EXOS Health to make it easy to find all of the perfect natural skin care products in one place with while making it affordable. 



      Why we plant trees

      Our products come from nature which is why we want to help preserve it. Our black soap and Moroccan oil come from 2 African countries that rely on natural ecosystems. By getting these products from them we are helping to support them. We wanted to take it a step further by supporting the ecosystems that they rely on as well as other parts of the world that are in danger of losing their forests.