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Compliments on my skin

I get so many compliments on my complexion. This oil makes my skin look years younger.

5 Stars

They’re products have definitely helped my skin. Especially in redness and skin color unevenness. Will continue to use they’re skin care products to see how my skin improves with time.


Im always getting compliments on my skin now. Probably going to buy some of these to use as Christmas gifts

It has really started to work

It’s helping my skin clear up finally and it isn’t making my oily skin worse

Pure products

The vitamin C serum is very pure also along with the African soap! Definitely improved the texture and hydration of my skin! Would buy again!!

As usual, nothing to say !

My favorite face product...💪🏽♥️


Loving this whole set of products. The Vitamin C moisturizer is really good on my skin and doesn’t leave it oily since I’d already have naturally oily skin.

It’s too early to see results yet but I can feel the difference in my skin.

Just petfect !✨

That was the second order at @EXOSHEALTH and I am still satisfied with the result. I think it really becomes my daily life...🥵, thank you for creating this wonderful product. ...but I need a coupon for the next order 😆😍

Works wonderfully

Has my skin glowing

I love my skin!!!

My skin looks and feels amazing! I started using the Black Soap, the Argan Oil, and the Vitamin C and Retinol cream about a week ago. I love the fact that these are natural products. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of Black Soap that I got. I didn't expect so much. EXOS Health really did their research on what the best products for your face are. Also, customer service is great. My shipping address was entered wrong and they quickly reached out to me to correct it to make sure my order arrived. I'll definitely order again.

Vitamin C serum

Great for skin, it makes it young and bright


Vitamin C serum by EXOSHealth is simply adorable. That serum is perfect for my skin, it hydrates it just as much as my skin needs, it’s not greasy at all, clears the complexion of face and makes my skin beautiful. I didn’t know I needed this serum but i’d heard a lot about it and decided to give it a try now I’m amazed about how perfect it is. I highly recommend it !!

Best product ever!

Perfect !!

Result in only 1 week🥵✨
I love it😍👌🏾... the only downside is that takes too long to arive 1 month for the carebbean. But Thats not gonna stop me from reorder again💪🏽

We agree that’s this shipping time was way too long. We are currently working to cut international shipping times in half.(especially the Caribbean, South America, and Australia)
Nice moisturizer !!

It’s pretty good so far although i find it to be a bit heavy especially around the forehead area

Really nice product

I would definitely buy again.

5 stars

Moisture without being oily

Moroccan oil

Light and works well with sensitive skin

The product is beyond good


The products offered by Exos are amazing and natural. Really make your skin glow and keep it moisturized and clean.


Works really well.

amazing producto

I really recommend this product for people with oily skin and who find it difficult to find moisturizers without clogging pores and producing pimples, it’s amazing