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The Best Soap for Your Face

The Best Soap for Your Face

We all know that the best products are all-natural. This especially applies to all skin care products. Chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic ingredients are usually the cause of most minor skin issues like acne and dark spots. These synthetic ingredients can get trapped in your pores causing a reaction from your skin which usually leads to large and painful pimples.

How Soap Works Scientifically

All soap has the same structure and purpose. It is made to remove oil and dirt from things. It works by combining an oil molecule with a water molecule. When you put soap on your face (or any object), the oil molecule attaches to the oil and dirt. When you rinse your face, the water attaches to the water molecule and pulls the oil and dirt off of the surface. So adding unnecessary fragrances and chemicals to the soap usually causes damage and irritation especially to sensitive skin. 

The Best Soap

The best soaps are ones that focus only on the oil and water molecules and not the superficial ingredients like scents and colors. 

Pure African Black Soap works by combining natural oil ingredients like shea butter with water to create the soap effect. It is all natural and handmade which is why it has a rough appearance but it is one of the most effective soaps in the world due to its use of natural ingredients only. Don't get tricked into buying fake African Black Soap. The fake stuff usually has a pure black appearance and is usually smooth. This soap is just as bad as the other soaps because it is loaded with harmful chemicals. 

Real African Black Soap uses shea butter which has antibacterial properties. This removes the bacteria known as Cutibacterium acnes which is the bacteria that causes acne. The ingredients in this soap are really strong so some people may experience a light burning/tingling sensation after the first few uses but this usually goes away after a few uses. Most people see their skin begin to change in as little as a week. 

This soap has become apart of my daily routine and I have not had a single acne breakout since I started using this soap a year ago. This is the reason that it is included in the EXOS Health lineup. It is all natural, extremely powerful, and best of all IT WORKS!


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