EXOS Health's Tree-Planting Initiative

EXOS Health's Tree-Planting Initiative

How we got involved

Following the widely-publicized Amazon Rainforest fires, EXOS Health's team decided that we wanted to help in any way we could. We can't go to South America and replace the trees ourselves so we searched for the best tree-planting organization to help us. Our planet is in danger. The loss of trees causes major problems for wildlife, oxygen levels which have an effect on food production and even products like our Moroccan Argan Oil, and also causes problems for the people who live in the affected areas. Our products come from nature and it must be preserved. 

The Organization

OneTreePlanted is an organization that plants trees around the world in places that need them the most. This organization has already planted millions of trees and they aren't stopping anytime soon. They have recently shifted their focus to the Amazon rainforest following the fires but other places need new trees just as badly as the Amazon. 

That is why we will continuously donate 1 tree for every order placed with us so that we can help plant trees all around the world. 

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