Body Oil vs. Body Butter vs. Lotion

Body Oil vs. Body Butter vs. Lotion

People often wonder what difference between lotion, body butter, and body oil. As well as which one is better. We are going to answer all your questions in this article. Let's start with a brief explanation of each.


Lotion is created by combining oils and water. We all know that oil and water doesn't mix, so in order to combine them, there must be an emulsifier. Because there is water, there must be preservatives to prevent bacteria growth. These preservatives are usually artificial and toxic ingredients. Lotions tend to have lots of artificial fragrances in them as well. Lotions are typically lighter and have a thinner more watery texture. Lotion will help protect your skin by creating a protective layer on the top of your skin, however, the moisture will typically sit on top of your skin instead of soaking in. Lotion is on every store shelf worldwide. Lotion is the most popular due to its thinner texture which makes it ideal for daily use. However, lotion is cheaper due to the amount of filler ingredients used. None of these ingredients are good for your skin.

Body Butter

Body butter are usually all natural and thick, heavy ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter. These ingredients are great for people with extremely dry skin but are not ideal for people with normal skin or for daily use due to its thick texture. Body butter is a better option for people with extremely dry skin who like natural products. Body butter is excellent at preventing moisture loss due to its thick and heavy consistency.

Body Oil

Body oil combines the best of body lotion and body butter. Body oil typically has very few ingredients and provides more moisture than lotion without all of the unnecessary artificial ingredients. Body oil has a lightweight texture like lotion but is extremely hydrating like body butter due to the concentration of oil. Body oil is best used while your skin is still wet from a shower or bath. The oil mixed with the water creates a natural emulsion that gives the same hydrating effect as body lotion. If you want soft skin that is hydrated all day, opt for a body oil over lotion.

Which is better?

The clear winner is body oil. The lightweight texture of the oil allows it to absorb into your skin quicker and allows it to reach the deepest layers of your skin. Body oil's lightweight texture allows it to be used as a daily moisturizer unlike the heavy texture of body butter. Body oil also is typically all natural unlike lotion which contains lots of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. When choosing the best body moisturizer, body oil will be the best choice for most people. 

EXOS Health's Vitamin C Body Oil uses squalane which is one of the best hydrators on earth. This oil is naturally produced in our skin and is the perfect moisturizer. Squalane absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue on your skin. The EXOS Health Vitamin C Body Oil also contains 30% vitamin c to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and hyperpigmentation on the body.

Not only does this body oil hydrate your skin and prevent damage caused by dryness, but it actually works to reverse existing damage. This is body oil on another level!

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